Islamic Careline is a faith-based organisation that has been serving communities since 1992. As a registered NPO, we provide confidential counselling services to all persons, regardless of faith, race, gender, status or culture.

The Islamic Careline has a multi-disciplinary team, consisting of trained counsellors, social workers, social auxiliary workers, psychologistspsycometrists and play therapists. Ongoing in-service training ensures that counselling is done efficiently and professional standards are maintained at all times.

We offer a wide range of services to address problems experienced by our communities. A minimal fee is charged, determined via a sliding scale, which ensures our services remain available to all who are in need.

The Islamic Careline works within a multi-disciplinary frame, and therefore maintain networks with other organisations and government structures. We regularly consult with other community & statutory bodies and will refer clients to the most appropriate organisation if necessary.

Islamic Careline enjoys a supportive, working relationship with the Jamiatul Ulama South Africa , who’s staff provide the Sharíah rulings on relevant matters. The Jamiats Social Department  also refer many marital cases to Islamic Careline for counselling before making further rulings. The Careline also partners with the Jamiat for certain welfare projects  aimed to uplift impoverished communities in need.

As the home, family and community environments shift, we regularly implement new programs to address new trends in society. Through our social media accounts, the community remains informed about what is on offer.

Browse through this list of Careline Services  to learn more about areas of our work and contact us to begin your counselling process.