Violence Against Women and Children in the Muslim Community

Throughout the ages, women and children have always been the primary victims of both emotional and physical violence.  This abuse is found throughout every race, religion and socioeconomic sector of society.  South Africa experiences an exceptionally high rate of Gender based violence and the current stats do not accurately represent these high numbers due to victim under-reporting, but it is estimated that 1 in 5

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Mandela Day at Annie Burger Old Age Home

Annie Burger Old Age Home is situated in Crown Gardens and is home to over 200 residents.  The residents are from all walks of life and many are underprivileged.  The home consists of individual cottages with all the necessary amenities available which allows for independent living. On the 18th July 2017, as part of Mandela Day, the Islamic Careline, in partnership with the Muslim AIDS

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The Importance of Premarital Programmes

Marriage is seen as one of the most exciting times in any individual’s life, and couples often get caught up in the storm of preparations.  Couples look forward to sharing their life in perfect harmony with the person they are in love with.   Premarital counselling can be a significantly overlooked tool for engaged or newly married couples to use in assisting them in having this

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The Basic Counselling Skills Training Program

The Basic Counselling Skills Training program is a course Islamic Careline offers to the general public as well as professionals. It equips participants with basic counselling skills that may enhance their existing field of interest or build capacity to render basic counselling services under a registered NGO. The training began in 2005 to meet the growing need for counsellors at the organisation as well as

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Worlds Aids Day 2016

World Aids Day is honoured annually on 1st December worldwide. Since 1988, the global community has dedicated this day to promoting awareness about HIV/AIDS. Objectives of this day include support persons living with HIV/AIDS educate communities about HIV/AIDS encourage safe behaviours in order to reduce the rate of HIV/AIDS end discrimination against persons infected with / affected by HIV/AIDS enhance inter-sectoral collaboration in fighting against

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