*Addressing issues surrounding personal emotional difficulties, peer counselling, self development, dysfunctional behaviours etc.

-Bereavement & Grief
* Addressing issues surrounding death, loss, terminal illnesses etc.

* addressing issues surrounding marital conflict, domestic violence, infidelity, separation, divorce, polygamy, marriage enrichment, remarriage etc.

-Trauma Containment
* Addressing issues surrounding immediate traumas relating to crime, accidents, loss, ongoing danger etc.

-Family Counselling
* Addressing issues surrounding family conflict, family reunification, in-law conflict, family interventions etc.

-HIV/AIDS Counselling
* Addressing issues surrounding diagnoses, treatment support, couples adjustment, emotional difficulties etc.

* Addressing issues surrounding the relationship between parent and child, parental roles and challenges, intergenerational differences, child development etc.

-Parenting Plans
* The development of a written document to guide the parenting of minors where both parents are separated or divorced. This may be submitted to the Childrens Court as a legally document.

-Telephonic Supportive Counselling
* A service suitable for clients who are unable to attend face to face sessions or require short term emotional support

-Reversions to Islam
*A service available to all persons who wish to revert to Islam. This covers a basic education  of the fundamental beliefs of Islam, the recitation of Shahada, and the co-ordination of further Madressa classes.

Play therapy
* An approach used with children who require therapeutic intervention. Guided by qualified Play Therapists using therapeutic activities, a child is allowed to express their thoughts and feelings about the world they experience. Please note, parents are required to attend Parenting sessions in order to complement their childs play therapy sessions.

Little Holiday Makers Club
* A fun learning experience for children between 5-13 yrs old. The Holiday Program runs every school holiday with activities to keep children entertained and promote the development of social and creative skills.

Substance Abuse
* A service to address a clients addictions and the all-round effects of substance abuse. IC offers an outpatient program or will refer clients to an inpatient centre if necessary.

Marriage Education

Marriage Preparation
*Ideal for new couples, Marriage Prep examines areas and skills of marriage that are relevant to the development of a harmonious & fulfilling marital relationship.

Marriage Adaptation
* Ideal for couples who are experiencing challenges with adjusting to a new marital environment, e.g. remarriages, changes in family structure, etc.

Marriage Enrichment
*An educational approach designed to enhance the marital relationship for any stage in a couples life.

Ecometric Career Assessments
*A set of assessment to identify personalities and ideal careers. Suitable for clients who are choosing school subjects or re-examining career options.

Employee Wellness Programs* A full set of of counselling services offered at the workplace for aimed at improving employees well-being & preventing employees social problems from affecting work performance.

Training Programs
-Basic Counselling Skills Training
-Enhanced Counselling Skills Training
-Marriage Education Programs
-Ladies Lifeskills Programs
-Substance Abuse Workshops

Support Groups
– Bereavement/ Widows Support Group
– Divorce Support Group
– Parenting Support Group
– Fertility Support Group
-Co-wives Support Group

Muslim AIDS Programme
* A joint initiative between IC, Jamiatul Ulama South Africa & the Islamic Medical Association. This project has grown into a fully-developed NGO working towards reducing HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Learn more about MAP activities here.