Annie Burger Old Age Home is situated in Crown Gardens and is home to over 200 residents.  The residents are from all walks of life and many are underprivileged.  The home consists of individual cottages with all the necessary amenities available which allows for independent living.

On the 18th July 2017, as part of Mandela Day, the Islamic Careline, in partnership with the Muslim AIDS Programme, Jamiatul Ulama and the University of Johannesburg, visited the Annie Burger Old Age Home.   The day’s activities began with some light but energising exercises.  The elderly were encouraged to maintain this exercise regime to stay fit and flexible.

The Jamiatul Ulama, with Islamic Careline, made Winter Warmer packs which were distributed to the elderly at the home.  The packs consisted of a hot water bottle, glass water bottle and mini flask as well as packs of nutritious soup.  The residents thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted immensely from the free hand and foot massages provided by The Muslim AIDS Programme (MAP), and together with the Islamic Medical Association (IMASA) were also provided free health screenings.   Residents were given valuable advice regarding their health and wellness.  Later the residents were served a hot and satisfying meal.

A surprise visit by the Honourable Minister of Public Service and Administration, Faith Muthambi was welcomed by the residents who were inspired by her presence and short talk.  She reassured them of the government and community’s care and support of the elderly and also promised to look into providing recreational facilities for the youth in the area.

The manager of the Home emphasised the importance of showing gratitude for favours and blessings.  She appreciated the attention and care that the residents received by the health practitioners and volunteers.   A spokesman of the Jamiatul Ulama stated the importance of honouring the elderly in society instead of isolating and neglecting them in the instances wherein they are placed in residential care facilities.

The residents expressed immense gratitude for the many services provided.  Many valued the individualised attention and are looking forward to participating in future events held at the home.  Islamic Careline and Jamiatul Ulama intend to return to provide ongoing assistance to the residents of the Annie Burger Old Age Home.  The service providers of this event are hoping to inspire other organisations to participate and volunteer their services in caring for the elderly of our society.