The Basic Counselling Skills Training program is a course Islamic Careline offers to the general public as well as professionals. It equips participants with basic counselling skills that may enhance their existing field of interest or build capacity to render basic counselling services under a registered NGO.

The training began in 2005 to meet the growing need for counsellors at the organisation as well as provide skills development training to community members.

Participants are screened before the course by the trainer to ensure they are psycho-socially suitable for the role of counsellor.

The course prepares participants for the counselling process by introducing self-reflection. This is an important dimension of the helping profession for all counsellors, at all levels of experience. They are then taught the various concepts and skills attached to the counselling profession.

Basic Counselling training is highly interactive. Trainees are expected to participate in group discussions, roleplays and sharing feedback through the course. This allows members the opportunity to develop their skills within a learning environment.

After participants have completed the theory sessions, they are required to practice their skills in roleplays and telephonic counselling calls. Upon successful completion of this, they will receive a certificate from Islamic Careline. This enables them to the begin practising as a counsellor while under supervision at an NGO. There is no obligation for trainees to then volunteer at Islamic Careline.

The training consists of a 40 hour theory component which is presented over 6 weeks on two mornings in the week. The practical component requires trainees to field a minimum of 10 telephonic counselling call and roleplays, depending on their progress and effective implementation of skills.

Basic Counselling Skills Training has a cost attached to the course. Please contact Islamic Careline on 0113738080 for registration dates and current cost of the course.